Thompson Race

Pure speed and sharp handling define Thompson race bikes. Ultra stiff and optimised for race conditions, these bikes are designed with power transfer in mind and are built to ensure that every precious watt of power reaches the rear wheel. The geometry is focused on providing sharp yet predictable handling, so you can carry as much speed as possible through the corners before giving it full gas in the sprints or on the climbs.

  1. Force
    Custom Builds from £2,349 to £5,599

    Brutal pace and maximum power transfer is guaranteed with the Force. Every element of the Force’s design is focused on making this frame as laterally stiff as possible. Stiff at the BB and at the front end of the fuselage, this chassis ensures that every ounce of energy and every watt of power is deployed to help you put distance into your rivals. Explode out of every corner, surge up every climb and unleash the beast in every sprint. Sharp handling, sharp looks and savage power all in one package.

  2. Airstream TT/TRI
    Airstream TT/TRI
    Custom Builds from £3,000 to £5,599

    Designed for one purpose only: aerodynamic efficiency. When racing against the clock, every second counts and the Airstream delivers pure performance. The stiff chassis ensures that every precious watt is maximised, and the unique aero profile is optimised to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible. With a huge range of adjustment in the seatpost and cockpit, the Airstream is versatile enough for TT’s and Triathlons. Other wind cheating aero features include an integrated aero fork / stem assembly, complete with an aero brake integrated into the fork, neat, integral cable routing, aero profiled construction and an integrated BB rear brake assembly. All of this adds up to a create a stiff, light and aero package that will give you the best possible advantage against the clock. This is a pure weapon built for pure speed.